Monsoon Multimedia is offering HAVA mobile player application for iPhone and iPod Touch users. The app allows HAVA buyers to view and control their home television service, including cable, satellite, and TiVo, from anywhere in the world on their iPhone.

According to the company, the player for iPhone was designed for seamless integration with Apple’s smartphone, allowing viewers to control their home television service (whether it’s cable or satellite, receiver or DVR, standard or high definition) via the touch screen interface.

“Monsoon’s HAVA line of video streaming, place- and time-shifting devices give consumers more options when choosing how, when, and where they view their home video and TV content,” said Colin Stiles, executive VP of Sales and Marketing at Monsoon Multimedia.

“Our support for iPhone and iPod Touch gives HAVA customers the ability to watch any of their 300+ TV channels, their favorite football team on game day or their local news in very high quality, regardless of their location, wherever Wi-Fi is available.”

The iPhone version of the player is optimized software for the video-streaming application that Monsoon also provides for PCs, netbooks, and other mobile devices.

HAVA, says Monsoon, is a standalone device that does not require a dedicated or connected PC/Mac in the home to enable the iPhone or other portable devices when watching your TV over the Internet.

In addition to place shifting video to PC or smartphones, Monsoon’s HAVA features DVR capability that allows users to initiate a recording to their PC or attached storage, or pause, rewind, or fast forward their live TV.

The Monsoon HAVA Player for the iPhone and iPod Touch is available as a direct download at iPhone App Store for $9.99.


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Have extensive editorial, content management, and integrated communications experience and have worked as a senior tech journalist, analyst, and columnist with different newspapers, magazines, and Web/online properties in India.

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