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Come, Connect, Convey. You’d agree, these three Cs are inevitable for any community-building exercise. And in today’s technology-driven world, people are constantly defying all geographical demarcations all the time to come closer to each other.

So technology is fast becoming an inseparable part for billions of lives. This is evident from the fact that mobile phones are being used by over 4 billion people (more than half the world population or almost all who can afford them). Computers are controlling the lives of one billion while an equal number of them are under the Net cloud. And more than 1.5 billion can’t even imagine life without a TV. Millions are connected through online social networks and other digital means to exchange billions of messages every day.

With this sort of tech proliferation, a new planet (well, a kinda) is in the making and there is a likelihood that in future there will be only two human species on earth – those who use technology and a few who don’t.

As technology is moving from classes to masses, there is a need to create versatile mass communication work force to help consumers know finer nuances of tech usage.

Technology Media Center (TMC) at My Techbox aims to connect tech media students, professionals across the world to exchange views and enhance their technology communication skills for supplying useful information to all the commoners.

Wanna become part of this Tech Media 2.0 community through TMC? Throw in your views anytime, from anywhere.

No doubt, I too want to learn a lot from you all. But you can shoot any query on me on any related topic, including tech media trends, career counselling, professional development, and so on. I’ll use all my learning so far to address your curiosity.

Use the response box provided below to send in your thoughts.

Rakesh Raman


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  1. Rakesh Raman says:

    All are welcome to join this social media network.

  2. Brian Hayes says:

    Important and seen too little is an effort to measure technological changes as new tools emerge. It’s one thing to wait for Kurzweil’s ‘singularity’ while we hope to bring new resources and hope, and it’s another to see that billions of us will soon carry the web in our hands. As if a new type of personal domain emerges, we are strengthened as individuals and better in our teams and groups.

    I very much appreciated your astute posts, especially snippets that offered stats and studies to help see the scale of markets and the adoption of new and mobile tools.


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