n5800The new software update aims to improve the performance and add new functionalities to the device. It’s immediately available for download on Nokia Software Update website. It’s free of charge, though data charges may apply. 

Improvements in the new software version, says Nokia, include faster data download from Internet, improved e-mail experience, better search experience with in-device search. 

Additional features:

New Camcorder Features: second camera support for still image capture in addition to video calls, burst mode that allows people to take multiple pictures one after another without needing to repress the picture taking button

Mobile Dictionary: built-in dictionary functionality with voice playback of words utilizing text-to-speech technology, support for 38 languages

Application Update: with Application Update people can check for available updates for applications and update them directly in the device. Applications can also be kept up-to-date by setting the checking to automatic. 

“The update includes great improvements in the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. As mobile devices become more and more advanced, additional features and new functionalities are easy to install to the existing device. We recommend people to take advantage of the new features and upgrade their Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, and get more from their existing device,” said Soren Petersen, senior VP, Devices, Nokia. 

Nokia regularly releases firmware updates for many device models to improve their performance.

For software, you can go to the Nokia Software Update website: http://www.nokia.com/softwareupdate


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  1. acr says:

    Wr is the s/w to download…. X-]

  2. Lokesh says:

    This is very good for software download

  3. suniel says:

    how do i download the software from this site..

  4. Rakesh Raman says:

    For software, you can go to the Nokia Software Update website: http://www.nokia.com/softwareupdate

  5. Kirthivasan says:

    I would require some good mobile dictionary for Nokia 5800 set. I have searched but I was failure. Can any one of you help me !!!

    MOBILE NO 9052829418

  7. M.Qader says:

    Need download software for nokia5800 i dont know how to do it and wich software will be ok for chating

  8. sayed says:

    my phone is touch screan cell phone and i want to change its software

  9. sanjana says:

    I have purchased Nokia 5800 and the CD of the phone is not working in my laptop. Due to which I am not able to transfer my data from laptop to the cell through data cable. Can anyone of you can provide me with that same software so that I can download it on my laptop and can transfer the data.

    • anuraj says:

      the 5800 does nt requires pc suite it can be directly connected to ur pc ………………after connecting just select mass storage mode from ur phone

  10. jett says:

    can somebody help me find those firmware updates?. I cannot find it in our nokia region. Its unavailable. Need help. Thanks.

  11. Ragin says:

    Any free chatting software is available for Nokia 5800 expres music?
    Like g.tak
    Is availabe, pls 4ward the site addres to my mail.id…

  12. bhushan says:

    how we can access excel file on express music 5800

  13. phil says:

    how long does it take to update software plz reply

  14. Vipin says:

    Need chating software and how can i see television on by my mobile. Sent me 5800 software

  15. Sudhir says:

    Please suggest me a software for locking/hiding folder contents

  16. niraj says:

    my nokia 3110c handset always get hang.its all internal memory like tone theme etc washed out automayically.i ve visited nokia care 4 times but situation is just like before.how can get its software

  17. Akash says:

    any office software to use in nokia 5800 xm

  18. Arif says:

    Some applications that I downloaded from ovi store, cun’t be installed in my nokia 5800 XM. What to do?

  19. Yathish says:

    I want good software to use internet

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