Smarter Commerce

Smarter Commerce

IBM says that, a leading online automotive marketplace, is using IBM technology for Smarter Commerce as part of its Electronic Sales Order system to simplify and accelerate the ordering experience for its dealer and manufacturer customers.

According to the company, IBM’s Smarter Commerce initiative helps companies bring new levels of automation to marketing, sales and fulfillment to support a customer-centered approach to commerce.  

The software makes it easier and faster for AutoTrader’s clients – auto dealers and manufacturers –  to promote their vehicles to consumers. It enables these clients to improve how they sell their cars through by simplifying the process to select promotions and configure, capture and complete orders for AutoTrader’s advertising programs.

“Providing access to leading-edge applications of information and technology are core to providing the best online automotive shopping experience,” said Gib Finley, director, Business Applications, at “IBM delivered innovative ordering technology that makes it as easy as possible for our clients to do business with us.” is using IBM’s Sterling Commerce Configure, Price, Quote software to simplify the configuration and capture of orders for its advertising solutions.  For example, the software:

  • Integrates easily with home-grown applications to provide customers with easier, more efficient ways of ordering cars online.
  • Guides a car dealership on how to quickly and easily put together an advertisement that best flaunts the dealerships’ new, used or pre-owned vehicles for sale.  
  • Helps that dealership select the best package to most effectively reach its prospective customers through context-sensitive capabilities. IT delivered its Electronic Sales Order System (ESO) as a critical component of the company’s overall business strategy to improve the way people research, locate and advertise vehicles. 

With Smarter Commerce, the company has been recognized for its use of service-oriented architecture (SOA), master data management, sales catalog, order configuration, information management and real-time business intelligence.

Photo courtesy: IBM



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