Beautiful People

Beautiful People

An online dating community exclusively for good-looking people, has launched “REALLY?” a 90 second movie in response to a sustained assault on the site’s concept, the site claims.

Since launched in 2002, the dating site, which is founded on the principle that everyone wants to be with someone they are attracted to, has come under fire for being prejudiced, unfair, and even for misunderstanding human nature, says the company.

Managing director Greg Hodge said: “We receive hundreds of emails each week from people who are furious with and we have experienced a continued media backlash. In my opinion, political correctness has gone too far.”

“Watch ‘REALLY?’”, Hodge continued, “and you’ll agree that our critics are fooling themselves. They can’t argue with millions of years of evolution. Everyone naturally wants to be with someone they are attracted to. This is the concept on which was founded.”

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The movie shows a politically correct world gone too far, where physical attraction is not important and beauty shines solely from within. A world where women shun the beautiful and fawn over the ugly guy because he must have feelings, intelligence and sensitivity. In their eyes, he must be perfect, because he is ugly. “REALLY?”

The announcement was made Tuesday, Oct. 25.

According to the company, entry to is only possible after passing a democratic rating process, where existing members vote based on photographs and a brief profile submitted by new applicants.


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