The way Facebook is growing with millions of users joining it without a break, I am concerned that soon there will be only two mankind species – some who use Facebook and others who don’t. But many users still need proper handholding to use and become popular on the world’s biggest social hangout on the Net. How?

By Rakesh Raman

If you’re aspiring to become a kinda Facebook celebrity, here are these 10 simple tips for you:

1. Your Photo: Initially, you may not have a good picture with you to use it on Facebook. Never mind. You can instead put a picture of your dog, cat, horse, mouse, or your spouse. And if you don’t have all of that, just ignore the photo box, and you’ll still appear – but like a ghost. It’s okay.

2. Interaction: Yes, if you are thinking big, interaction with your other Facebook friends is very important. But you need not worry if you can’t write something good on their “Walls.” Facebook has already made life easier for you. Just bombard others with artificial kisses, hearts, pillows, smiles, and other gifts that are readily available, free of cost.

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3. Writing Posts: If you can, you must write your own posts. Hmm! Don’t know how to write? Why don’t you lift some quotations of famous people from here and there and paste them on your Facebook Wall?

4. Drag Readers. And if there are no takers for your write-ups, just shake up your buddies and force them to “Like” whatever you write. No? No one is interested? Then what stops you to press the “Like” for your own post? Just do it.  

5. Like Others: If you want to win your friends’ favour, never forget to press the “Like” for their posts. No, you need not read all that ‘crap’ that they write. Just hit the “Like” button.

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6. Wanna Say Somethin’: Your popularity will quickly shoot up if you could “Comment” along with your “Like” for others. Don’t know what to write in the comment box? Nothing to worry. You can use some quickfixers – wow, lol, )), hehehe, hahaha, etc. Yeah. It’s allowed.

7. Always Exist: You must always make your presence felt among your circles. Keep lurking at least in the chat box. Even if you’re sleeping there, your constant screen-presence is a must to take you to the level of stardom.

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8. Work Hard: You need to burn the midnight oil to succeed. So you should adopt some follow-the-sun approach and always stay glued to Facebook even when others are sleeping. If the time is short, as a sincere aspirant, you should pray to the God to increase the number of hours in a day – from 24 to some 34, as you’ve to spend more time on Facebook. Who knows!

9. Chat: Invite as many friends as you can to chat with you. Uh-uh. Never worry if your chat is going in all directions without making any sense. Continue. In your chat sessions, sometimes there will be no questions; only answers. And sometimes no answers; only questions from both the sides. But Facebook chat is supposed to be like this. You just keep it up.

10. Ready for Fandom: If you feel, you’ve gained reasonable amount of reputation among your friends, you can quickly start calling them to become your fans. They must like your special page. Never feel let down if they don’t come. Keep sending them message after message.

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Remember, you’ll be in a cutthroat land where you’ve to compete with millions. You’ve to be careful, as a toe out of line can simply throw you out of the race. So you must follow these tips sincerely if you want to kiss some real success on Facebook. Will you?

By Rakesh Raman, the managing editor of Raman Media Network.


About Rakesh Raman

Have extensive editorial, content management, and integrated communications experience and have worked as a senior tech journalist, analyst, and columnist with different newspapers, magazines, and Web/online properties in India.

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