The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Radio Regulations Board concluded its week-long deliberations Friday, March 26. Among the issues discussed was that of interference with radio signals from satellite networks operated by the European Satellite Organization, EUTELSAT. It was noted that interference was coming from Iran. | Details


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  1. M. Rezvani says:

    The Guardian Corps (GC) of the Islamic Revolution only has exclusive use of the satellite jamming apparatus in Iran. The Ministry for Communications controls it but the current Minister of communication is a high rank officer of the GC. There is clearly a governmental concern on satellite jamming. In the big cities particularly Tehran many people complains of the evil use of such apparatus. There is lot of medical evidences that urges the government to give up it but there is no hearing ear. The government disrespects both the international regulations and the rights of the people living inland.

    M. Rezvani
    Former diplomat, London

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