Web researcher comScore has launched comScore AdEffx. It’s said to be an integrated campaign effectiveness measurement suite to enable clients to accurately measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign.

The comScore AdEffx suite currently includes five services: 

• Campaign Essentials – Provides critical measures of the actual delivery of every campaign including reach, frequency, GRPs / TRPs and demographics of those exposed to the advertising in a post-buy analysis. This module provides advertisers and their agencies with the type of campaign reporting information they are used to obtaining through TV post-buy analyses, helping make online advertising consistent with traditional media.

• Action Lift – Demonstrates the lift in online behaviors over time following the viewing of a marketer’s ad at any Web site and in any ad format, including search, display and video formats. Behavioral changes that are measured include site visitation and trademark search query activity.

• Brand Survey Lift – Demonstrates the lift in consumer attitudes and intentions subsequent to advertising exposure in any online ad format. Can also include an evaluation of the lift from mobile advertising.

• Online Sales Lift – Measures the lift in sales over time at an e-commerce site following exposure to an online ad in any format. This module includes a measurement of latent purchase behavior that is not accurately captured by click-based metrics, giving marketers a unique view into their online market share.

• Offline Sales Lift – Measures the lift in offline sales resulting from online ad exposure in any ad format, also including latent buying following ad exposure. The solution matches the comScore panel with third party offline databases to create single-source data marts that combine online activities (including ad exposure) with offline buying behavior. 

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