mainpicThey’re neither monsters nor aliens. But they now belong to the Sand Planet and have just landed on the right of my home (page). Wanna meet them? Go straight to My Techbox Online. You’ll find them queuing up there. They’re, in fact, Fans of the novel page on Facebook.

This is about the “Robojit and the Sand Planet” story, which is now on Twitter, at

You can follow the tweets to read the serial story.

You can also become a fan on its Facebook page located at:

It’s a technology fiction with focus on adventure and thriller genre. The story revolves around the central character Robojit – a humanoid. The name Robojit is derived from Robot and Jit that in Hindi language means victory.

The story begins with a setting in the future. It runs in three parts: affairs of a kingdom that’s presented as an imaginary planet, its conflicts with wicked forces, and a final mission that takes some of the characters to another remote planet. Robojit helps the lead couple achieve the mission while overcoming numerous challenges during the voyage.

The target audience is children and young adults across the world. The highlight of the story is its ability to effectively blend technology, spiritualism, and humanism with a captivating fantasy in the backdrop. The story is highly entertaining, as it’s full of thrill, adventure, excitement, and timely use of humor.

The story can be adopted for making a movie, animation film, digital video game, comic book, and e-book. And it can be extended for creating sequels around the central character, Robojit.


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