Microsoft’s infant search engine, Bing, has helped the company pull off good performance in the web search market. Microsoft Sites, according to researcher comScore, increased its average daily penetration among U.S. searchers from 13.8% during May 26-30 to 15.5% during June 2-6, 2009. It shows more people are using Bing. 

Microsoft’s share of search result pages in the U.S., a proxy for overall search intensity, increased from 9.1% to 11.1% during the same time frame, says comScore.

At a time when search engines are running out of steam and have become a perpetual pain for the web surfers, Microsoft promised relief with the introduction of Bing. In a week’s time of its launch, Microsoft completed the deployment of its search program worldwide on June 3. aims to help users deal with information overload. Instead of calling it a search engine, Microsoft says it’s a “Decision Engine” to help people make better decisions. (Read: Will Bing Help You Search the Web?)

While Microsoft has tried to position Bing differently by providing some additional search and web access features, market watchers have taken a different view. For example, web filtering solutions company accuses Bing of allowing easy access to adult content. It says Bing’s lax pornographic content filtering mechanism is causing concerns for parents. (Read: Is Bing Search Engine Encouraging Pornography?)

As part of its search engine, Microsoft has also introduced Bing Travel. It promises to help consumers search flights and hotels, airfare price predictions, travel news and community, travel deals, and more. (Read: Microsoft Invites You to Travel with Bing)

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