Web filtering solutions company InternetSafety.com accuses Microsoft’s new search engine, Bing.com, of allowing easy access to adult content. It says Bing’s lax pornographic content filtering mechanism is causing concerns for parents.

A few days ago, Microsoft had announced about its new search engine introduction. To be deployed worldwide on Wednesday, June 3, its Bing.com aims to help users deal with information overload. Instead of calling it a search engine, Microsoft says it’s a “Decision Engine” to help people make better decisions.  (Read: Will Bing Help You Search the Web?)

InternetSafety.com, which is carrying out an awareness campaign for parents, says: “Microsoft’s Bing.com offers search capabilities that some critics are calling a ‘cornucopia of pornography’ with results that ‘literally speak for themselves’.”

It further says, in contrast to Google, Microsoft’s new Bing.com search engine gives users the ability to play videos by simply rolling over the various thumbnails, leaving no URL trail for parents to monitor. Perhaps more importantly, Bing.com’s video search prompts users to turn off the “safe search” function if the search returns excessive adult content.

“Parents who are manually monitoring their children’s internet use should be aware that Bing.com is a potential new portal to adult content,” said Aaron Kenny, CTO of InternetSafety.com. “With a few quick clicks, Bing.com can turn from just another search engine to a place where their child can view hours of hardcore pornography, all without ever leaving the website.”

With the aim to sell its web filtering solutions, InternetSafety.com says: With the increasing complexity of the web, manually filtering content has become too time-consuming, making it nearly impossible for parents to undertake. It claims InternetSafety.com’s Safe Eyes equips parents and guardians with solutions by blocking pornographic images and videos on Bing.com while disabling links to adult content.

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