natalCompatible with any Xbox 360 system, the “Project Natal” sensor is said to be the world’s first to combine an RGB camera, depth sensor, multi-array microphone, and custom processor running proprietary software all in one device. Ace filmmaker Steven Spielberg introduced it for controller-free gaming

Unveiled for the first time to the public was “Project Natal,” pronounced “nuh-tall” and a code name for a new way to play, no controller required.

Unlike 2-D cameras and controllers, “Project Natal” tracks your full body movement in 3-D, while responding to commands, directions, and even a shift of emotion in your voice.

Microsoft says the “Project Natal” sensor is not light-dependent. It can recognize you just by looking at your face, and it doesn’t just react to key words but understands what you’re saying.

“The next step in interactive entertainment is to make the controller disappear,” said Steven Spielberg, a leading film director and producer. “With ‘Project Natal,’ we’ll see games that bring everyone together through technology that actually recognizes us.”

Also, Xbox LIVE has announced that Facebook and would be tailor-made for your TV, on Xbox 360. Using Facebook Connect, you can share your experience in gaming by posting updates and screenshots from supported games directly to Facebook., part of the CBS Interactive Music Group, will give Xbox LIVE subscribers access to songs streaming through Xbox 360. Xbox LIVE subscribers will be able to create their own free, personalized radio stations, says Microsoft.

A few days ago, Microsoft had announced that sales of Xbox 360 consoles have passed the 30 million mark globally, with its Xbox LIVE community swelling to more than 20 million active members. (Read: Xbox 360 Console Sales Hit 30 Million)

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