audiIn the cutthroat car market, these leading players are relying on technology to promote their brands. Mobile games to social media applications are among the experiments being carried out by companies to stay ahead in the competitive race. The Audi Truth in 24 is a racing game app. BMW and Nissan are also using new media. 

Audi says its Audi A4 Driving Challenge app for iPhone passes 3.35 million downloads. The Audi Truth in 24 racing game app reached 467,000 downloads on iTunes in one month. Also, more than 6.5 million movie, game, and digital downloads have been distributed by Audi through new media.

It claims that Audi became the first auto manufacturer to launch a video podcast channel on iTunes back in February of 2007, along with technology tutorials that were made specifically for the iPod. This has allowed users to learn about their car’s technology with hands on and interactive experience.

Audi is not alone in the tech application race. Artificial Life has introduced “BMW Z4 Experience” game application for the iPhone and iPod touch. The application features new BMW Z4 Roadster.

As an extension of the “BMW Z4 – An Expression of Joy – Lite” launched in March 2009, “BMW Z4 Experience” allows players to navigate the roadster through four unique mini-games including: Free Driving, Art Experience, Driving Experience, and Navigation Experience. (Read: Artificial Life Brings BMW Z4 to Apple Store)

In April, Nissan North America launched an online social media site for consumers seeking news, videos, images, reviews, etc. on the all-new Nissan 370Z sports car. It also covers information on two new Z models – the NISMO 370Z and 370Z Roadster. The site pulls content and conversation about the latest incarnation of Nissan’s Z from a variety of news and media-sharing sites and blogs. (Read: Social Media will Drive Nissan Sports Car)

As other luxury brands began to enter this new media market, Audi says in March it introduced its Le Mans documentary film, Truth in 24, exclusively on iTunes. In support of the film, Audi developed and launched a new application, Truth in 24. 

The game aims to put the excitement of Le Mans racing into the hands of users with a realistic Le Mans course, opposing racecars and strategic pit stop decisions in a 3D environment. The Truth in 24 application reached 467,000+ downloads in only one month and is also the first application to be released exclusively along with a movie within the iTunes store, Audi says.

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