neenahNeenah Paper, a paper manufacturer, has introduced an iPhone and iPod touch application that allows designers to create color palettes. Think Ink: Color Unleashed uses the Dewey Color System. It can be downloaded for free at

Today, mobile devices are increasingly being used for various applications, including entertainment, health care, business, games, and so on. Even big movie makers are leveraging mobiles’ versatility to promote their movies

Now, a new hand-held tool for designers and printers has come. Neenah Paper says, the application begins with one of four approaches: a photo taken on the iPhone’s built-in camera, a product from Neenah Paper, a predetermined color swatch, or the psychology of color with the Dewey Color System. After the initial color is selected, Think Ink gives users various palettes, such as subdued, pop, traditional and blended.

From there, designers can place their palette on a variety of Neenah papers to see which works best for their selection. They can then save and email their custom color palette, order coordinating samples of Neenah Paper and see the palette in different proportions, all from their iPhone. 

“We wanted to give designers and printers the ability to pull inspiration from a variety of resources, whether it’s a vibrant green found on a blade of grass or a pale shade of yellow, and create a perfect color palette for their project,” says Tom Wright, senior director of advertising and design for Neenah Paper.

Neenah Paper says it has released a series of BlackBerry applications such as Paper Math, which provides mobile access to Neenah Paper’s online paper calculator, the Stocking Guide for mobile access to specifying paper, and the Eco Calculator, which allows users to calculate the environmental savings realized by choosing recycling papers consisting of different levels of post consumer fiber content.


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  1. Great stuff. Keep up the good work.

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