AT&T reports that more than 178 million text messages crossed its network as fans interacted with the country’s No. 1 TV show this season – American Idol. This is the highest total for any season and more than double the 78 million messages AT&T reported last year. 

Text message traffic counted in the tally includes not only text votes but also other ways fans interact with the show via text, such as answering weekly trivia questions, opting in to receive voting number reminders, submitting questions to AT&T-hosted chat sessions with outgoing contestants, and participating in AT&T’s sweepstakes.

AT&T also reports:

  • More than twice as many AT&T customers played weekly Idol Trivia via text this season versus last.
  • The number of AT&T customers who opted in to receive voting number reminders – a weekly text message listing all of the IDOLs and their voting numbers – was 70% higher than last season; fans who opted in for vote number reminders this season sent nearly twice as many text votes than did the overall voting population.

Additionally, the company says, IDOL contestants lit up AT&T’s ringtone leaderboard this year. At one point during the week of May 10, American Idol tones comprised 15 of the top 100 ringtones.

“We feel this season was our best yet, evidenced not only by heavy texting traffic but in the great response to the other terrific IDOL-related content we made available,” says Andy Wilson, vice president of national marketing for AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets.

For the first time this season, AT&T also gave fans a sneak peek of new videos from two past IDOL winners, Kelly Clarkson and David Cook.

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