The application introduced by the leading newspaper will allow it to retain its familiar look and feel. It’ll provide access to the latest news stories, weather, photos and interactive polls to the Android Mobile users.

USA TODAY is fast embracing digital platforms for the delivery of its content. For instance, recently it announced its availability for the Amazon Kindle, a portable reader that wirelessly downloads books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers to a high-resolution electronic paper display. For a monthly subscription cost of $11.99, Kindle users can have USA TODAY content delivered each weekday.

In December last year, USA TODAY decided to offer a similar application on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPod touch devices.

Recently, Dow Jones & Company – part of News Corporation and which provides business news and information services – has also introduced its new mobile application, Dow Jones Sales Triggers for iPhone and iPod touch. It’s available on the Apple App Store. The idea is to give mobile executives access to up-to-the-minute business intelligence information such as management moves, mergers, and new investments.

Among the other media companies, Thomson Reuters has also launched new mobile applications for the iPhone and BlackBerry targeting on-the-go business professionals. It’ll deliver its multimedia content on these smartphones.  

USA TODAY for Android offers the following:

  • Headlines – You can get stories from News, Money, Sports, Life, Tech and Travel. Articles can be shared via email, text message or Twitter, and are automatically saved for later reading.
  • USA TODAY Snapshots – Users can scan through USA TODAY Snapshots, and vote on an interactive poll question for each.
  • Scores – You can review the latest sports scores for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college football and college basketball. College scores can be filtered down by conferences.
  • Weather – Users can get current weather conditions, up-to-the minute regional radar and the five day forecast at their exact location via GPS.
  • Photos – They can flip through the images from news, sports, celebrities, science, travel and weather or play them back as a slideshow. They can also share images with friends via email. 

The USA TODAY application also features support for a variety of rich media mobile advertising executions including click-to-call, click-to-maps using the user’s GPS location, and video.

Campaigns can be targeted to the various sections such as News, Money, Sports, Life, Tech or Travel. The application for Android was designed and developed in cooperation with Mercury Intermedia of Brentwood, Tenn.

It’s available for free in Android Market.


About Rakesh Raman

Have extensive editorial, content management, and integrated communications experience and have worked as a senior tech journalist, analyst, and columnist with different newspapers, magazines, and Web/online properties in India.

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