In total, 15.9 million people in the U.K. visited a newspaper Web site in March, representing a 43% reach of the country’s online population. The Sun Online was the most popular online newspaper in the U.K., growing 8% versus year ago to 4.6 million visitors. Researcher comScore released the data today (May 13). ranked second with 4.3 million visitors, followed by (3.9 million visitors), the Mail Online (3.5 million visitors), and the Times Online (3 million visitors). The majority of the top ten newspaper sites achieved double-digit growth versus year ago, including, which grew 75% to rank as the fastest-growing.

While online U.K. newspapers draw substantial domestic audiences, most attract even larger international audiences, says comScore. Specifically, the Mail Online derived 73% of its worldwide audience from outside of the U.K., followed by (67%), and (61%). Even, the Web site of London-focused newspaper the Evening Standard, derived 48% of its total traffic from outside of the country.

“Traditional U.K. newspaper brands have proven to be very popular online, both here in the U.K. and around the world,” said Mike Read, SVP and managing director, comScore Europe.

Other findings include:

  • Of the 15.9 million U.K. Internet users who visited a newspaper site in March, 72% were from the ABC1 social grade and 63% were under the age of 45.
  • 35% of the total 2.4 million visitors to came from the U.S. in March, compared with the 33% who accessed the site from within the U.K.
  • Of the 48 million mobile phone subscribers in the U.K. in February, 11.9 million accessed news and information via browser or download.

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About Rakesh Raman

Have extensive editorial, content management, and integrated communications experience and have worked as a senior tech journalist, analyst, and columnist with different newspapers, magazines, and Web/online properties in India.

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