lcdmonDisplay products company Samsung Electronics America has announced the release of its 70 series monitors. These slim LCD monitors, with screen depths of 30 mm (1.18 inches) for the P2070 and P2370 and 65.5 mm (2.58 inches) for the P2370HD use its Touch of Color (ToC) design. 

“The 70 series offers our customers a sophisticated-looking LCD monitor with the performance capability of our televisions,” said J.H. Kim, president of Samsung Electronics America’s Information Technology Division. “The 70 Series is the new standard as more people upgrade their monitors for additional uses, like watching television programs and playing video games.” 

The company says these new monitors are ideal for office applications and entertainment with its dynamic contrast ratio (50,000:1) for deep, rich colors, while the 2ms (GTG) video response time minimizes blurring for watching sports and fast-moving gameplay. The crystal-like bezel frame with ToC reduces the reflection of light and glare. The glossy stand offers a polished design, while the clear, crystal-like acrylic neck gives the illusion the monitor is floating. 

Samsung’s Startlight Touch Controls integrate the On Screen Display (OSD) buttons into the bezel for a seamless look and feel, eliminating obtrusive buttons on the front or sides on the panel. Gently touching any of the buttons illuminates the controls which automatically disappear after a set period of time, minimizing distractions. 

The P2370 offers full HD 1080p resolution (1920×1080) for optimized viewing of HD content. For full HDTV capability, the P2370HD builds on the 1080p capabilities of the P2370 with the addition of a HDTV tuner, integrated speakers, and remote control. In addition, the P2370HD also has HDMI and component inputs for additional connections such as Blu-ray, set-top boxes, and game consoles providing users with a display that is ready for work and play. 

The company also informs that 70 series offers a suite of eco-conscious features including reduced energy consumption, requiring about a third less power to operate compared to typical monitors of similar size. 

The ToC manufacturing process eliminates harmful paints and sprays, increasing the monitors’ recyclability. The slim footprint is to reduce transportation costs.


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  1. deaw says:

    Samsung LN52B750
    I’ve had this about 24 hours. I hooked up a wireless receiver that I had bought previously for a desktop computer. This was a standalone receiver with a/c power and a ethernet cord for the tv. (not a usb wireless) It was plug and play all the way. No problems. The widgets are pretty intuitive. I was widget surfing while my wife watched Dancing with the Stars,…and got no complaints since they run simultaneously. I was disappointed not to readily find the YouTube widget that was demonstrated in January. Maybe I was looking in the wrong gallery. I believe widgets will catch on.

    The picture was great when watching HDTV cable channels. It looks almost 3-D…particularly when there are 3 or so people in the view at different focal lengths from the camera.

    I am a little disappointed not to have more inputs (no S-video)…but as I upgrade my dvd player, etc…I can take advantage of the HDMI.

    I use a Logitech Harmony universal remote to control my TV, DVD, CABLE Box, Receiver, etc. and noticed that the TV turns on slow, so I sometimes have to press the activity on button on the remote a second time after the TV completely powers up to configure the appropriate input.

    So far, so good….and I haven’t noticed any bad pixels or clouding.

    I’m lovin it.

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