kerry2Here are the women whose minds and bodies work in some perfect sync. searched the country for these beautiful women leading companies of various shapes and sizes. It released its list of America’s 10 sexiest CEOs in its new online Forum section, on Tuesday (May 5).

They are:


1. Claire Chambers – CEO of Journelle, a lingerie retail company
2. Kerry Knee – CEO of Flirty Girl Fitness, a fitness lifestyle company
3. Julie Smolyansky – CEO of Lifeway Foods; makers of specialty dairy products
4. Teresa Phillips – CEO of Graspr, a how-to video site
5. Alyssa Rapp – CEO of Bottlenotes, a wine shopping/recommendation site
6. Candida Royalle – CEO of Femme Productions, an adult film company
7. Rashmi Sinha – CEO of SlideShare, a presentation sharing website
8. Alicia Morga – CEO of Consorte Media, a digital marketing company
9. Sharen Turney – CEO of Victoria’s Secret Megabrand, a lingerie retail chain
10. Tina Wells – CEO of Buzz Marketing Group, a market research firm

The Playboy site’s picks for America’s sexiest CEO, it says, was inspired by recent reports that the Fortune 500 now includes more women CEOs than ever before.
Playboy says in its article, “Women on Top” that these are the “women whose good looks and savvy business acumen add a bit of sunshine to an otherwise gloomy economic forecast.”

This was not one of those contests Playboy holds for bikini-clad hotties. Rather, its Forum section has captured the facial charm of the leading ladies.

Of late, Playboy has taken a series of steps toward its brand promotion in a media market, which is increasingly getting cutthroat. Recently, it joined hands with Bondi Digital Publishing to offer a public beta version of the site to bring some relevance to the old content. The website brings a collection of digital back issues of Playboy Magazine from 1954 through 2007 without charge.

Last month, Playboy site had roped in Mzinga, a social media solutions provider for its site. It aims to maintain a more active dialogue with users to further enhance customer loyalty, broaden its market reach and subscriber base, and create greater value for online advertisers, Mzinga had said.

Now, covering business women also seems to be a part of its strategy to widen the readers’ base for its content.

You are free to take a look at these 10 toppers. Just go to:

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Article courtesy: My Funbox


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  1. habby winoko says:

    hallo, amerika iam habby winoko
    i live in indonesia , jakarta iam so be happy
    my comment is:
    the sexiest woman is angelina jolie

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