AOL says that Warner Bros. Television Group (WBTVG) will launch Socialthing, a new online platform for socializing websites across WBTVG’s digital destination businesses, such as,,,,, and

Socialthing will use community tools to enable social networking publishers to attract new users and keep them engaged on their site. The announcement was made Tuesday by Joanna Shields, president of AOL People Networks, and Craig Hunegs, executive vice president, Business Management, WBTVG.

The Socialthing pact will allow WBTVG and its digital entertainment destinations access to AOL’s global messaging network of AIM and ICQ users. WBTVG will embed the Socialthing platform – free to users and requiring no installation or download – on its sites.

AOL and WBTVG will support the Socialthing launch with cross-promotion and anticipate launching the application on, on WBTVG’s digital entertainment destinations, and on AOL properties.

While Socialthing delivers users a high degree of interactivity and visibility, users remain in full control of their publishing activity, says AOL. They may choose to “always share activity,” “never share it” or “always be asked before sharing,” and can select which privacy option best suits their individual needs.

A site has been created at allowing publishers, interested in enabling Socialthing on their sites, to get more information about the platform.

Article courtesy: My Funbox


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