e71sIn a commoditized mobile market that is already glutted with devices without differentiation, Nokia has launched another one. Its E71x will be available in AT&T retail stores and online beginning today (May 4).

Among its features, the QWERTY smartphone has high-speed 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi, and features a built-in music player and a 3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera.

Nokia E71x is one of the integrated devices AT&T announced in March. Claimed to be the thinnest smartphone on the market, it features a black steel finish. The Nokia smartphone, based on S60 on Symbian OS offers the flexibility of many Symbian-based applications, in addition to AT&T’s services, including AT&T Navigator. 

“The trend for messaging, whether email, IM, texting or social networking, is stronger than ever,” says David Petts, VP, AT&T Account, Nokia. “The E71x is one of the most stylish and sophisticated QWERTY smartphones.” 

The Nokia E71x is available from AT&T stores and online from http://www.wireless.att.com at a retail price of $99.99 with a contract and mail-in-rebate. Additional information is available from http://www.att.com/nokiaE71x. 

Photo courtesy: Nokia

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  1. James says:

    never like it when people complain about a problem with “the plan” when doing a review for the phone. It is irrelevant.
    With that being said, I own an E71-2 unlocked NA. While there is some features taken out, this is easily AT&Ts top tier phones and one of the best phones on the market, which honestly other carriers have not kept up with (save for t-mobile’s G1 and soon Sprint’s Pre).
    The phone is comparable, not so much to an i-phone, but a blackberry, as the phone is pure business.
    But its also FAST and reliable.
    I have had very few glitches with the e71, symbian has been around long enough to become effecient and refined, even though its not always pretty. While they did take out some nice features from this phone, most have remained.
    With that being said, I still think the e71 is a better phone to buy unlocked, but for the .01 entry fee, its probably the best entry phone out there. Largely because its internet browser capability is excellant (skyfire is notably great), but also because in terms of smart phones, nothing matches it features save for the bold. I would highly suggest this phone, and would urge people to pass on the Fuze or any other WinMo phone, and go with this phone. This is a better option.
    With that being said, if you are going to be using this for business purposes, I would use the money you saved buying this free phone, and invest in Roadsync, which is a proper push email program. While this does have push email, its not fully capable…Roadsync is a great third party software for exchange that makes the phone fully capable.

    Also this is probably the most sturdy phone on the market, thanks to its metal casing, it can take much abuse. It is great that AT&T is re-introducing symbian smart phones in such an elegant package. Its a great phone.
    With everything being said, this great phone is mostly all business. Its great for that though.

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