IBM has released new social technology enhancements to developerWorks, its online destination for over 8 million IT professionals worldwide. The aim is to help software developers work together on open standards-based innovations. 

While developers have access to a wide variety of IT resources scattered across the Web, IBM feels many are struggling to maximize their productivity and are faced with filtering through multiple networking sites to get to the technical information they need. 

As a result, there has been no easy way for developers to quickly access and integrate this information to more quickly build their skills around key IT and industry trends while connecting and collaborating with peers.

IBM is responding to these requirements, with My developerWorks, combining the best in social computing technologies and professional networking into developerWorks, the company says.

IBM recently surveyed software development professionals across the globe to find out how they use online resources to build new skills and engage each other professionally. Nearly three-quarters said they use forums, blogs, wikis, and online newsletters to gain skills and communicate with each other. 

Nearly 65% said they want to start using social networking capabilities like those found on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace as a primary way to build new skills and collaborate with peers on one easy-to-use destination.

My developerWorks brings these social networking attributes into a single view for users, enabling them to build online relationships to create new groups, comment on and share content, build skills and grow a worldwide network of peers to drive innovation, IBM says.

Their profile can be customized to include contacts, preferred content, real time feeds from forums, blogs and wikis, and IBM’s developerWorks site. In the coming months, My developerWorks users will also be able to tap their social networking profiles on sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, to expand their professional networks and collaborate on new technologies, says the company.

Based on Lotus Connections, IBM’s enterprise networking and collaboration technology, developerWorks members can now collaborate in a vertical network that connects people around a focused task or goal.

Among the network’s features, users can get real-time access to personalized content while using a central and customizable dashboard view. It also offers easy-to-use tools to showcase expertise and find like-minded peers. Its collaboration technologies will allow users to accelerate development in a 24/7 environment.

IBM launched developerWorks in 1999. For the past 10 years, developerWorks has been instrumental in advancing open standards and emerging technologies and making sure IT companies have the tools to support technology investments such as Java, Linux, XML, and Cloud computing.

Now, developerWorks is available in 243 countries, as well as local language sites are available in Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Vietnamese, says IBM.

To have access, you can go to:


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  1. Nirmal Kumar says:

    Great step for open source ……………………

    Nirmal 🙂

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