As MTV’s new reality series “The Phone,” executive produced by Justin Timberlake, premiered Tuesday, AT&T and LG Mobile Phones have announced integration with it. Viewers will see the game contestants using LG mobile phones with AT&T service in an exciting competition. 

“The Phone” is an exciting game whose blend of reality and cinematic action-adventure pulls its participants out of their everyday lives and thrusts them into a high-stakes labyrinth of engagement, suspense, and intrigue as they race against time for a huge cash prize.

Specifically, viewers will see the “Operator” use the recently released LG Xenon, available from AT&T. It includes a touch screen, a side sliding full keyboard, instant messaging, mobile e-mail, threaded text messaging, AT&T Navigator, and a User Interface with a visual contacts feature.

Contestants must constantly use an LG phone and AT&T services to successfully navigate challenges to earn money and continue competing in the game. Contestants will send text, picture, and video messages and must often receive and send information to and from the Operator and each other. 

They’ll look up information from the Internet using the LG phone and some contestants will use the mobile phone to access the GPS capability for turn-by-turn directions and maps.

LG Xenon is a quick messaging phone with customizable and intuitive user interface, the 3G-powered LG Xenon snaps 2.0 megapixel photos. It offers the full suite of AT&T entertainment services such as AT&T Navigator, Napster Mobile, eMusic Mobile, and more. Xenon will be available in three colors: black, blue, and red for $99.99. This is among the range of integrated devices that AT&T introduced last month. 

All MTV on-demand providers, says LG, will feature full episodes from the series.


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