Stillfront AB, a Sweden-based game developer and publisher, has announced a licensing agreement with the Universal Studios to create a web-based Fan Immersion Game (FIG) for the upcoming sequel in the Fast & Furious series. The film was released in theatres on April 3. 

Based on the blockbuster series Fast & Furious featuring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, and Michelle Rodriguez, the movie has attracted all sorts of action in and outside the theater. It went on to collect, according to Rentrak Theatrical, over $72 million at the box office during its first weekend April 3-5. 

Also, GoldSpot Media and Solid Ground Communications had launched an interactive mobile movie trailer for “Fast & Furious” in Germany. The interactive trailers offered the mobile viewers a one-click access to “Fast & Furious” sweepstakes contest and allowed them to purchase movie tickets for the screenings of the film in select cinema chains in Germany.

The movie attracted some hot action inside the theaters also, as D-BOX Technologies introduced its Motion Systems for the first time during its theatrical release. With this, the theater seats would behave based on the action taking place in the movie, causing the seats to tilt and shake in some real synchronization with the onscreen Fast & Furious action. These are termed as motion-activated theater seats.

Now, Stillfront is going fast to offer Fast & Furious game. Designed to pull players immediately into the fast paced, extremely volatile world of street racing, this web-based, massively multiplayer game provides the exhilaration of being right there in the midst of it all. 

Free to play, the game will consist of building, modifying, and painting your own car, and then racing it against competitors: other players from all over the world. Players will be able to invite their friends to the game, challenging them to race for the respect that can only be found on the streets, behind the wheel of a hot car.

Players will have to arrange races while staying under the radar with the local cops who are just itching to make a bust. They’ll also need to repair and modify their cars for the next race. Using graphics to display the races enhanced by music to add intensity, this game is supposed to immerse the player in the world of the fast and the furious from the start.

“We’re very excited to be working with Universal Studios again to introduce a new game for their upcoming release of ‘Fast & Furious: New Model, Original Parts’,” says Marco Ahlgren, CEO, Stillfront.

The Fast & Furious FIG beta will be available at

Fan Immersion Games (FIGs) are casual, massively multiplayer online games that are free to play yet also include opportunities for players to buy advantages and premium accounts using micro transactions payable via sms messages and credit cards. These games deliver high fan engagement through their story-driven design and community elements, explains Stillfront.

According to the Casual Games Association, says Stillfront, the North American online casual games market is estimated to reach $690 million with worldwide revenue of over $1.5 billion. DFC Intelligence states that the worldwide online games market is forecasted to reach $13 billion in 2011.

In a related development, Wheelman, an action-packed driving game is also featuring Fast & Furious star Vin Diesel as an undercover agent and expert driver-for-hire Milo Burik. The game takes players to the re-created city of Barcelona, Spain.     

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