GazoPa for iPhone app allows users to search for similar images on the web by uploading any photo captured with camera on iPhone. Hitachi has released it today (April 15). It’s available free at Apple’s iPhone App Store.

Since GazoPa use image features such as color and/or shape, users can look for images without typing any words. This gives users easy and unique way of searching images on the web, says Hitachi.

In a similar application, a beta version of Nokia Point & Find, focusing on movies, is now available in the UK and US. The introduction aims to enable people on the move to access relevant information and services on the internet, simply by pointing their mobile phone camera at real-life objects.

In addition, searching by user’s drawing is also available on GazoPa for iPhone app. The search by drawing enables users to search for items that users have in their mind. Users only need to draw what they want to search when they feel difficulty in expressing them in words or have no photo related to those items. Hitachi’s image search technology allows users to find images similar to their drawing. 

GazoPa for iPhone app also has a search option such as search by color, layout, shape and the ability to filter by size, video thumbnail. This gives users more chances to find their desired images. 

GazoPa is a Hitachi web image search engine in private beta release. It uses features from an image to search for and identify similar images. GazoPa, says the company, can support not only photos but also the search of video thumbnails.


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