dancebTuxedo rental company, Men’s Wearhouse, has launched its free social online application to help students in the U.S. celebrate prom. The platform allows users to create their own custom prom online, as well as share their experience with friends. They can even upload music videos from YouTube, which will play on the wall of their virtual prom.

It’s at and offers users the ability to customize their prom from head to stiletto. While users can create their own prom character, they can also choose the location, theme, color scheme and entertainment for their virtual prom. 

With the site’s virtual dressing room, prom-goers can try-on the latest trends and styles. From zoot suits, to fedoras, ball gowns and pumps, is all about creating a unique signature style and sharing it with friends, says the company.

“This application is designed to generate excitement leading up to a real prom,” says Matt Schow, director of Online Marketing at Men’s Wearhouse. “Men’s Wearhouse wants students to look and feel their best on prom night and solidifies the company’s position as the source to create that special night, both in-store and online.”

The company says it hired a professional dance group to help choreograph 25 different dance moves that users can draw from to create a personalized five-sequence routine for their avatar. 

The site can also be accessed through a Facebook application, as well as embedded in a blog or web site. There is no software to download. Once the individual prom is designed, they can invite their friends’ custom-characters to attend their prom and dance.


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