sanyobSANYO Fisher Company (SANYO), a subsidiary of SANYO North America Corporation, says shipping has started for the new, 2009 Dual Camera Xacti lineup announced in January this year. It includes full 1080p, as well as standard and waterproof HD (720p) models.

The first cameras to be available are the VPC-FH1, VPC-WH1, VPC-TH1, and VPC-CG10 at select retailers in the US and Mexico. 

The all-HD Dual Camera lineup for 2009 offers a range of features including 1080p, 60frames per second High Definition Video with 8 megapixel photos (VPC-FH1), standard (720p) High Definition Video, up to 2 megapixel photos and 30x optical zoom (VPC-TH1) on land, or even underwater – down to a depth of 10 feet for an hour (VPC-WH1), and standard (720p) High Definition Video and 10 megapixel photos (VPC-CG10).

As part of the launch for the new lineup, SANYO has also unveiled its marketing plan. It includes a push into online communities. One highlight of the plan features SANYO’s Dual Camera line in a number of videos alongside a number of Web Stars – many of the hottest names in online video culture. 

Some of these stars earn a living making viral videos capable of generating audiences that often surpass that of some hit TV series. Web names such as Lisa Nova, iJustine, Rhett & Link, Mr. Safety, Audrey Kitching, Brandon Hardesty and Apprentice A are creating a variety of videos typical of their style, but with a theme relevant to the 2009 Dual Camera line, says the company.

One video, it says, featuring cameos from a number of web personalities was shot almost entirely underwater, showcasing SANYO’s WH1’s underwater Dual Camera capabilities.

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