bwbNot the bookworm who lives in your neighbourhood. It’s a game. PopCap Games, a developer and publisher of casual games, has rolled out its word game Bookworm for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The game is available now for U.S. $4.99 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch, or at: Bookworm’s new adaptation has been customized for Apple’s smart devices, and contains nearly the entire volume of words from the Oxford English Dictionary, plus a host of new features for this version.

As mobile gaming is gaining popularity, iPhone has become a favorite device for game vendors. Among the recent games, Who Has The Biggest Brain and Inspector Gadget have come on iPhone.

In Bookworm, players build words from contiguous letter tiles on a grid. Longer and more difficult words score more points and produce a variety of “gem tiles” that offer additional bonuses when used (and mega-bonuses when multiple gem tiles are used in a single word).

Burning tiles sear through normal tiles, reaching the bottom of the grid quickly; they must be used before they reach the bottom, or the game ends.

User of iPhone or iPod touch can just shake their device to re-scramble the letters. As they also get a bonus bookshelf to find books filled with bonus words, they can turn the phone sideways for a quick detailed view of the word history and bonus bookshelf status.

Originally launched for Web and PC play in 2003, Bookworm is also available for traditional cell phones as well as smart phones such as Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices since its first mobile debut in 2007.

Photo courtesy: PopCap Games


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