Nokia’s Finalists for Mobile Short Videos
Nokia has announced the five finalists for the 2008 Nokia Mobile Filmmaking Awards, which will be screened during the Pangea Day broadcast on May 10. The winners will be flown to Los Angeles to attend one of Pangea Day’s six live broadcast locations on Saturday, May 10.

Pangea Day was created by documentary filmmaker Jehane Noujaim after winning the 2006 TED Prize.  Together, Noujaim and TED Conferences, with support from Nokia, have created Pangea Day to bring mobile-based film creativity to public.

The finalists are: Pier Bardoni for Cloud Running; Eduardo Cachucho for Game; Rupert Howe for Amazing Rainbows; Bob Calabritto for Smile; and Kayoom Mistry for Rounds All Around.

Contestants uploaded their two-minute long entries for the competition to the Pangea Day channel at Share on Ovi, a free media sharing service. Consumers who registered on the site voted to select the five finalists.

Nokia says that all five finalists, chosen by online voting, will be flown to Los Angeles for the event. A panel of professional judges – including Jehane Noujaim, Dave Stewart, and others – will review the videos prior to the broadcast and pick a winner, which will then be announced during the Pangea Day broadcast. In addition to the trip to the Los Angeles event, the winner will receive a mobile filmmaking trip of a lifetime to the Rwandan Gorilla Reserve and a production budget to record their trip.


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